Deposition equipment

Coating deposition

The department has six systems for deposition of hard PVD coatings, among them three in the Hard coatings center and three in the department labs in Ljubljana. They are used to deposit thin films, both on test samples for research activities as well as on tools for our industrial partners.

Evaporation system Kobelco AIPocket

  • producer: KCS Europe, Germany
  • maximum tool dimensions: Æ360 × 300

The principle of operation is based on the cathodic arc evaporation technique, which is today’s world leading procedure for deposition of hard coatings. The unit excels in a short process cycle which includes quick pumping and a high deposition rate. The system is computer-controlled with a protocol printout for each batch. The TiAlN coating is deposited in industrial series, in a minor extend accompained by the coatings TiAlSiN, AlTiN, TiN and CrN.

Sputtering apparatus CemeCon CC800/9

  • producer: CemeCon, Würselen, Germany
  • maximum tool dimensions: Ø400 mm x 400 mm


The system uses the principle of magnetron sputtering from four sources and enables the operation in three regimes: DC, pulsed DC and HiPIMS. Non-conductive coatings (e.g. Al2O3) and low-temperature coatings (CrN and TiN) can also be deposited. This system is used for all advanced test depositions of nanolayer and nanocomposite coatings, and gradient-composition coatings. The system is computer-controlled with a protocol printout for each batch. The coatings deposited in industrial series include AlTiN, TiAlSiN, CrN and aCN. However, we can prepare any nitride coatings based on Ti, Al, Cr, V, TiAl, AlTi and TiSi.

Low-temperature hard coatings BAI730

  • producer: Oerlikon Balzers, Liechtenstein
  • maximum tool dimensions: Ø160 mm x 200 mm

This apparatus applies the technique of evaporation from a crucible using an electron beam. It enables an ecomonical deposition of simple nitride coatings on tools. Industrial deposition in this machine is limited to TiN and CrN.

Sputtering apparatus Balzers Sputron sputron

  • producer: Oerlikon Balzers, Liechtenstein
  • maximum tool dimensions: Ø200 mm x 50 mm

The apparatus applies the technique of triode sputtering. It is very flexible and enables the deposition of various coatings, therefore it is primarily used for research, neverthelss deposition on small tools is possible too. We can deposit nitrides, carbides and oxides of various metals, as well as metallic thin films.

Evaporation apparatus Balzers BAK 600 BAI 600

The system has been thoroughly rebuilt, and includes a sputtering source (a planar magnetron) and an evaporation source (an electron beam). It is used for experimental work exclusively.

Home-made experimental chamber

A flexible design allows to adapt the operation for various deposition techniques. It is exclusively used for experimental work. In addition to standard diagnostics, a quadrupole mass spectrometer is attached, while the discharge parameters are also monitored by a high-speed camera.