Hard coatings

Coating types – we are routinely depositing the following hard coatings:

TiN coating single-layer TiN Properties Applications
TrdePr2 hardness: 2300 HV max. temperature: 500 °C color: gold basic coating distinct gold color cutting at low speed and low feed machining of carbon steel plastics processing decorative coating bulk forming sheet metal forming blanking
CrN coating single-layer CrN Properties Applications
CrN hardness: 1800 HV max. temperature: 750 °C color: metallic grey chemically inert also available as a low-temperature coating
replacement of hard chromium
plastics processing
machining of non-ferrous alloys
food industry
die casting
TiAlN coating single-layer TiAlN Properties Applications
TiAlN hardness: 3300 HV max. temperature: 900 °C color: dark violet high hardness thermally stable universal coating for cutting tools machining up to 52 HRC processing of glass fiber containing plastics bulk forming sheet metal forming blanking


AlTiN coating nano-layer AlTiN/TiN Properties Applications
AlTiN hardness: 3500 HV max. temperature: 1100 °C color: blue high hardness thermally stable distinct color for easier detection of wear machining up to 62 HRC
machining of high-strength materials
high-speed machining 
aCN coating double-layer TiAlN/a-CN Properties Applications
aCN hardness: 3300 HV / 1100 HV max. temperature: 900 °C color: black
low friction coefficient
self-lubricating coating
dry machining
machining of Al and Mg alloys
food industry